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Minimum traffic: 10,000 pageviews per month.

Countries allowed: All

Languages: English

Revenue Type: CPC

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About Chitika

Chitika (pronounced CHIH-tih-ka), founded in 2003, is the industry's leading impulse merchandising company. Based in Massachusetts, MA, Chitika helps web publishers generate revenue using innovative publisher-side advertising and merchandising solutions and services.


Chitika eMiniMalls

Chitika eMiniMalls for publishers and webmasters

Chitika | eMiniMalls SM bring life to product promotion on the web. With eMiniMalls you can hand-select specific products (or product categories) targeted to the content of your webpage, and provides your users with robust comparative shopping information to make an informed buying decision - before they leave your site. As users click, you make money.

In real-time, eMiniMalls selects the top products for your web page and displays interactive and robust information such as product ratings, descriptions, reviews, related Blog content and even where users can get the best buy on the net. All of the information needed for comparison shopping - all in one place.